Best Motivational Speakers in Argentina That You Should Need To Know
by ARSB/ on 7 Feb, 2024

Best Motivational Speakers in Argentina That You Should Need To Know

Argentina's vibrant landscape pulsates with energy and innovation. But even the most dynamic teams can sometimes experience dips in motivation or require a spark to truly ignite their potential. That's where motivational speakers come in, offering unique perspectives and tools to rekindle passion, foster collaboration, and drive success. Here, we unveil 5 captivating figures who can tailor their presentations to your specific needs, leaving your team inspired and equipped to conquer any challenge.

1. Ana Paula Alfredo

Imagine a leader who seamlessly blends 25+ years of executive experience with the insightful guidance of a certified coach. That's Ana Paula Alfredo. Having honed her skills at prestigious institutions like Harvard Business School and Disney University, she understands the intricacies of leading high-performing teams across diverse sectors. Ana Paula doesn't just share theoretical knowledge; she empowers individuals and teams through methodologies like Action Learning and Lego® Serious Play®, fostering psychological safety and unlocking hidden potential. Whether your team needs a strategic boost or a renewed sense of purpose, Ana Paula's expertise can provide the perfect blend of guidance and inspiration.

2. Joao Bocas

João Bocas, a leading expert and speaker in wearable technology. Recognized as a global thought leader and advisor, João dives deep into the intersection of technology and business, particularly where innovations like wearable tech, digital health, and artificial intelligence converge. His captivating presentations go beyond mere trends; they examine how these disruptive forces are shaping consumer behaviour, influencing business models, and empowering brands to connect with audiences in novel ways. Whether your team is seeking to stay ahead of the curve or leverage emerging technologies to gain a competitive edge, João's insights offer valuable perspectives for navigating the ever-evolving business landscape.

3. Mario Esquerdo

In today's digital age, transformation isn't optional, it's essential. Mario Esquerdo, Executive Director of Digital Transformation at WeFoc, understands this reality better than most. With over 20 years of experience in digital strategy, IT, and administration, Mario is a seasoned professional who guides organizations through complex digital journeys. His engaging talks don't just inspire, they equip teams with practical tools and strategies to embrace change, overcome challenges, and unlock new opportunities. Imagine your team brimming with confidence and equipped to navigate the digital landscape with Mario's expert guidance.


  • Ana Paula Alfredo
  • João Bocas
  • Mario Esquerdo

these best motivational speakers in Argentina push your teams to success through their expertise, enthusiasm, and tailored tactics. Contact Argentina Speaker Bureau today to discuss your specific needs and discover the perfect speaker to inspire, engage, and empower your team.